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Προϊόντα Συστήματα συναγερμού Ενσύρματα συστήματα

Κάρτα Επέκτασης X0-4 4 ζωνών
Εμφάνιση Μεγάλης Εικόνας

Κάρτα Επέκτασης X0-4 4 ζωνών

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Easy to install and operate, the MatrixBus XO-04 expansion features state-of-the art supervised communications with Rosslare’s hardwired panels.

Once the expansion module is connected to the MatrixBus, up to two devices can be controlled by the relays via a dry-contact rated at 12V 5A. Up to four relay Programmable Outputs (PGMs) can be added to the system’s main board by using a two-PGM expansions or one four-PGM expansion, giving the AuraSys P6 tremendous versatility.

All of the casings include cover and back tamper detection to prevent vandalism and unauthorized access to the PCB casing as well as a status LED.

The PGMs on the Matrix Bus XO-04 expansion have the same programming options as the on-board PGMs.


  • Up to four PGM expansion capacity (XO-04)
  • Two/four on-board Form-C relays for Normally Open (N.O.) and Normally Closed (N.C.) connection
  • Fail-safe and fail-secure option
  • Supervised by panel for wire tamper
  • On-board cover and wall tamper detection
  • FLASH firmware upgradeable
  • LED status and problem indicator


  • Compatible with Rosslare’s AuraSys P6 wired control panel and other MatrixBus accessories
  • Cost effective and modular installation anywhere on the bus near the devices to be controlled

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